Data-Driven Decision

The Data-Driven Decision group is dedicated to the discovery of robust strategies for adaptive, effective, and personalized decision making in complex interactive environments. To that end, they focus on identifying and understanding personalized intervention decisions for interactive environments and developing a general data-driven framework for the discovery of robust strategies for adaptive personalized decision making.


The Game2Learn group researches the impact of games and data-driven adaptation on learning through a number of innovative approaches. They build games and interactive tools for learning in math and computing, building social networks, promoting exercise, and visualizing interaction data from games and learning environments.


The IntelliMedia group is dedicated to bringing about dramatic improvements in technology-rich personalized learning. With a focus on adaptive learning technologies, they leverage artificial intelligence, game technologies, and multimodal interfaces to create effective, engaging learning experiences.  By fusing automated reasoning and human language technologies with game technologies and new media, they design and investigate high-impact adaptive learning environments.